Feel the action, uncover the truth and witness Victor.
Potentia is a story based single player third person shooter game for PC platform.


Story Details

On going cold war was about to end. Both sides declared that they would no longer continue pursuing the war effort. That night, everyone was on the streets. People were celebrating the end of the war. The entire city was like a party zone. One of our friends was throwing a party at his home. Me and my wife Anna were going to meet at metro and later that night, join our friends. Eh, what can I say. We were all happy. As it turns out, our happiness wouldn’t last long. And our hopes for peace would vanish with the majority of the people around us.

Everything was lost in less than a second. An unknown energy weapon hit the city. No one knows the true extent of the damage caused by it, if it was contained to just one city, country, or the entire planet. Buildings and Infrastructure are left intact. Animals and plants are unharmed. However, people… Many of them just disappeared. Now, no one answers our radio transmissions. No one comes to our aid. Everyone just seems to be vanished. No one is around other than some hostile savages. After the attack so few of us survived and what little amount of people who were still alive and sane wasn’t enough to keep government and law enforcement agencies functioning. Now it is the survival of the fittest. People became little more than savages. Every new day brings new hardships but in the end we will endure, we will survive, whatever the cost.

Victor, Main Character


Third Person Shooter
Powerful Action
Post Apocalyptic 1990s
Lineer Narrative
Action ...or Stealth. The Choice is Yours
The Power of the Indie

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